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To experience effortless online trading, you need to invest in a robust online trading platform. While choosing the best online trading platform in India, always focus on charges, ratings, and trading terminal. In this article, we include the best online trading platforms to help you make a decision. This can prove to be a very good guide for beginners. The selection should be based on their accuracy, advanced tools, speed, and real-time market data visualization. So, keep reading to grasp the factual information related to online trading.

Top 5 Best Online Trading Platform In India

In this article

We have performed a complete analysis of the online market trends of the trading business. Hence, we have compiled a list of the finest online trading platform in our country. Keep reading further to explore the online trading world!

1. Zerodha trading platform

If you are looking for a discount broking service, then you are in the right place!Zerodha is active since 2010 and is known for its highest active client base. Zerodha trading platform is a perfect combination of technology and conventional financial services. This modern approach has completely revolutionized the conventional Indian equity.

Key Highlights

  • The overall rating of the Zerodha trading platform is 9.14 out of 10.
  • The firm’s total contribution is 10% of the overall retail trade volume of India.

Benefits Of Zerodha Trading Platform India

  1. You can access all the equity delivery trades services free of cost
  2. Zerodha services rates are always lower than other brokerage houses.
  3. Trading account AMC is free of cost.
  4. The ‘Algos’ tool is freely available. You can use it for the development of codes for technical strategies.
  5. Another advantage of Zerodha that makes it unique from other discount brokerage firms is its mutual fund’s facility.
  6. Zerodha trading platform India has stated Rs 7000Crore as their daily turnover.
  7. You can avail of the online mode of fund transfer facility.
  8. You can avail of Good Till Cancelled (GTC) and Good Till Date/Time (GTD) orders for both commodity and equity segments.

Services offered byZerodha Online Trading Platform India

  • Free Zerodha Account
  • Available on all trading platforms such as BSE, NSE, and MSX-SX
  • avail online mode of fund transfer facility
  • Opens and maintains a Demat and trading account
  • Shares services transfer

Importance of Demat and trading account

Demat account is the pre-condition or license to enter the stock market for the very first time. It usually contains a balance of shares. The trading account is opened after the Demat account. You need this account for the trading of shares. Additionally, you have to maintain these accounts by paying some charges to Zerodha.


  • Multi-Lingual trading Platform: Apart from English, you can work in 10 regional languages that make it a user-friendly and convenient app across the country.
  • Light Weight & 0.5Kbps Internet Requirement: It can efficiently work in rural or distant locations as it utilizes only 0.5 kbps of internet bandwidth. Another benefit of this app is its sleek features.
  • Search Results accuracy: Another striking feature of the kite web is its accuracy. For instance, it provides you with accurate search results out of thousand of scrips,
  • Live Charts: You can avail of an advanced feature of this trading platform that showcases many live charts called ‘Zerodha Kite Charts.’ You can use any of the following charts, such as Linebreak, Renko Charts, Helkin-Ashi Charts, and Kagi Charts. Apart from this, users can access drawing tools and other technical indicators.
  • Minimalistic User Interface: It has a minimalistic user interface. Hence, the user can experience better navigation and usability. You can use shortcut keys to make it more convenient.
  • Notification alert: Another useful feature of this app that supports its huge popularity among its clients is its notification alert feature. You get critical updates such as news, market trends on your lock screen.
  • Analysis using Data Points: The app has numerous data points such as Cash Flows, Shareholding Patterns. So, the user can perform simple or complex technical analysis before placing final orders.
  • Single Click Option: Another feature that makes this app the easiest to use is its single-click option. You can place an order with a single click! This feature has great importance for Intraday Trades, where profits can convert into losses within a fraction of a second.
  • Advanced tools: You have a spectrum of tools like Zerodha Small case, Sentinal, and Streak within the app for further analytical development
  • Multiple Watchlist: You can add up to five different market watch lists to experience the best online trading platform experience.
  • Shortcut Keys: To enhance your speed, this app comes with numerous short-cut keys that make critical navigation easier to use.

Categories ofZerodha Trading Platforms

1. Zerodha Kite: Mobile Trading App: It includes both Kite Android and Kite IOs, both great mobile-based trading platforms. Its feature is similar to the Kite web. The Kite app is available on both Google’s Play Store and Apple App Store. 2. Zerodha Trader: Available free of cost and compatible with both computer and mobile. It will ease your trading operation by a single click feature. Moreover, it provides real-time marketing features at the fastest speed. 3. Zerodha Coin: It is known as India’s largest direct mutual fund platform. You can buy online mutual funds directly from companies without any commission passback. 4. Zerodha Console: This can act as a visualization tool for your Zerodha account. Additionally, it provides a deep analysis of your trades and investments. 5. Zerodha Pi: One of the most popular Zerodha desktop trading applications. It provides access to advanced charting, research analysis reports, algos, and so on. Another striking feature of this app is its ability to visualize 50,000 candles Based on their system configuration and speed. You can also use quick order entry screens to make your strategies. 6. Zerodha Sentinel: Another powerful online trading platform that Creates market alerts on the cloud. These free-market alerts are mainly for stocks, futures, and many others. Apart from this, these alerts are available on the cloud for months! You can get notifications on Kite web, mobile, and e-mail. Using this app, you can set as much as 80,000 alerts on bonds, derivatives, and so on 7. Zerodha Call and Trade Service: This is a phone calling service provided by the Zerodha team. Mainly beneficial for those who are not comfortable with mobile and website trading. You have to pay Rs 20 for every execution


  • Account Opening Charges for Trading account: Rs 300
  • Account Opening Charges for Demat (One Time): Rs 100
  • Annual maintenance charges for the trading account: Rs 0
  • Annual Maintenance Charges for Demat Account: Rs 300 per year
  • Margin Money: Rs 0
  • Equity Delivery Trading: Rs 0
  • Equity Intraday Trading: 0.01% or Rs.20
  • Commodity Trading 0.01% or Rs.20
  • Equity Futures Trading 0.01% or Rs.20

Additional charges

  • Transaction Charges: 0.00325% of Total Turnover
  • STT: 0.0126% of Total Turnover
  • Turnover Charges for SEBI: 0.0002% of Total Turnover
  • Stamp Duty: varies from state to state
  • GST : 18% of Brokerage + Transaction Charges

Documents required for Demat and trading account

You have to fill the online application form on Zerodha

  • PAN CARD copy
  • Aadhar Card copy
  • Bank statement or canceled cheque
  • Your Signature on blank paper
  • Passport size photographs

2. Angel Broking Trading platform

Angel broking trading platform is the top ranker under India’s best mobile trading platform. The following Five features are taken into consideration to enlist the best mobile trading platform in India:

  • Speed
  • Degree of performance
  • Reviews and ratings of the user
  • Mobile App usability


Angel Broking trading platform comes under the category of the full-service broker. Angel broking has achieved several historical applauds and milestones, such as honors from NSE and BSE. It deals in services such as Portfolio Management, Mutual Funds, and E- broking facilities.

  1. One of its key features is that it offers a free lifetime Demat account.
  2. If you use its online trading platform and services, you may get a 20% discount on brokerage rates.
  3. Investors also have an opportunity to trade 40 times of initial margin amount
  4. You will also get an expert opinion from the organization’s research team
  5. Investors willing to invest in the best stocks get a true prediction from the ARQ team
  6. You will get Free Trading Account
  7. As a user, you can enjoy Unlimited Brokerage cashback
  8. You can start Trading within in 1 hour
  9. You can receive Intraday Trading suggestion which will aid in same-day buying and selling of stocks

Key Highlights

  • It holds an overall rating of 8.88/10
  • It holds the first rank in the category ofthe best mobile trading platform in India
  • Emphasize on best ethical practices
  • free lifetime Demat account


  • It always has Great offers
  • Through ARQ(AI powered Robo Advisory), it provides Strong advisory services
  • It is also known as a Smart trading platform
  • It is associated with the Pan India program
  • Deals in both Offline/online transaction facility
  • Always provide up to date MF news alerts


  • Account Opening Charges: Zero
  • Demat Charges (AMC): Free or 300 per year
  • Trading Charges(AMC): Free
  • Margin Money : Rs 10,000
  • Equity Delivery Trading FREE of cost
  • Equity Intraday Trading Rs.20 per order
  • Commodity Options Trading Rs.20 per order
  • Equity Futures Trading Rs.20 per order
  • Equity Options Trading Rs.20 per order
  • Currency Futures Trading Rs.20 per order
  • Currency Options Trading Rs.20 per order
  • Minimum Brokerage: Rs.20 per order

Angel Broking ARQ

It is AI (Artificial intelligence) based Robo advisory platform that provides useful stocks and mutual fund tips. It is based on the Noble Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory. ARQ has a good adoption rate.

Categories of Angel Broking trading platform

1.Angel broking App: Mobile-based Trading Platform Compatible with both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. One of the unique features of this app is that it provides multiple indexes. These multiple indexes state the real-time price, market news alerts, and charting intraday results. Moreover, using this app, you can trade all different segments without any discomfort. 2.Angel Eye or Angel Trade: Web-based Trading Platform Angel Eye is a browser-based platform. By using this browser, you can easily manage portfolios. Your speed will get enhanced. Moreover, you will get all updates regarding market movements. It mainly deals in mutual funds, equities, currencies, and commodities. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive market review. One of the highlights of this platform is that it allows you to manage your family wealth using your details 3.Angel Speedpro: Desktop-based Trading Terminal It is an application-based trading platform well-known for its outstanding features. Some of the features that made it a pro are advanced charting, mutual fund application through online mode, news alerts, etc. It allows its user to assess its 30 days intraday and 20 years of historical data based on advanced analysis. This feature helps you to decide in the long run. Apart from this, you can avail customized toolbar with a ribbon-like visualized tool menu. Additionally, you can work on multiple windows and enhance your efficacy 4.Angel Swift: Mobile Web-based Trading Platform: It is based on Java browser, which is compatible with all operating systems

Documents required for Demat and trading account

You have to fill the online application form on Zerodha

  • Identity proof such as Adhaar card or Driving license
  • Residential address proof such as utility bills or Passport
  • Proof of Income: Income tax return copy
  • Bank statement or Cancelled cheque)
  • PAN Card
  • 1 to 3 passport size photographs

3. Kotak insecurities

It is a well full-service brokerage firm. They have proven their worth through new technologies and ideas. Kotak insecurities are known as the best trading platform for intraday in this country. Five factors will help you choose the best trading platform for intraday trading in India.

  • Brokerage Charges for Intraday
  • Tips, Tricks & Formulae
  • Best Strategies, Techniques & Rules for intraday trading
  • Trading Platforms suitable for intraday trading
  • Exposure & Trading limits

Key highlights

  • Its overall rating is 8.2 out of 10 as a full-service broker
  • best trading platform for intraday trading


  • They have experience of 25 years of dealing in the Indian Stock Trade industry
  • They were the flag bearer of many highly acknowledged services
  • This Brokerage House is a corporate member of the main stock exchanges of our country, such as NSE and BSE
  • Known for their depository participation with the NSDL and CDSL.
  • They have achieved many milestones in the stock market. Few of them are the Gold award in Market research and Bronze award for Effectiveness in Radio.


  • Free IntraDay plan
  • Kotak Securities has introduced its best Free Intraday Plan. In this plan, you have unlimited access to intraday trade after subscribing for a yearly subscription of Rs.999.
  • In this intraday plan Trading, AMC is Free of cost.
  • Zero-Margin requirement.


There is mainly two types of brokerage plan available: Standard Brokerage Plan

  • The firm charges 0.049 % as brokerage charges on Equity Intraday, Futures, and Currency Futures
  • You have to pay 0.049 % on the total Equity Delivery Trading value
  • You must maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 25,000 in your account as margin money
  • Equity Delivery Trading: 0.49%
  • Equity Intraday Trading: 0.049%
  • Equity Futures Trading 0.049%
  • Minimum Brokerage: Rs.21 per Trade
  • Demat AMC Charges: Free or Rs.300 per Annum
  • Trading AMC Charges: Rs.500 per Annum
  • Margin Money Minimum: Rs.25,000

Intraday plan:

  • Equity Delivery Trading: 0.49%
  • Equity Intraday Trading: Rs.999 per Year
  • Equity Futures Trading: 0.049%
  • Currency Options Trading: Rs.70 per Lot
  • Minimum Brokerage: Rs.21 per Trade
  • Demat account opening and maintenance Charges: Free or Rs.300 per Annum
  • Trading Account Maintainance Charges: Rs0
  • Margin Money : 0

Other Charges

  • Transaction Charges 0.00320% of Total Turnover.
  • STT 0.0126% of Total Turnover
  • SEBI Turnover Charges 0.0002% of Total Turnover
  • Stamp Duty Depends on State
  • GST 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

Kotak Stock Trader – Kotak Securities Mobile App

  • It is one of its kind mobile apps.
  • You can easily access BSE or NSE within a fraction of a second.
  • The app enables users to check their respective holdings and positions in real-time.
  • The user gets access to various advanced features such as intraday charts, live quotes, etc.
  • The app enables users to create personalized watch lists and keep track of their choice scrips.
  • Hassle-free fund transfer from one bak to another
  • The mobile app uses the existing order routing system of Kotak Securities and is secured using HTTPS.

Documents required for Demat and trading account

  • Identity proof such as adhaar card or Driving license
  • Residential address proof such as utility bills or Passport
  • Proof of Income: Income tax return copy
  • Bank statement or Cancelled cheque)
  • PAN Card
  • 1 to 3 passport size photographs

4. Sharekhan Trade Tiger

It is India’s leading full-service retail brokerage firm. It has recently announced the completion of its 20 lakh customers on-board. This brokerage firm has achieved 3rd position in terms of active clients. The name knows the online platform of trade tiger, which offers high-speed online services.

Key Highlights

  • It holds an overall rating of 8.50/10
  • Achieved 3rd rank in case of active clients number after ICICI and HDFC securities
  • Trade tiger is a powerful and robust trading terminal


  • It contains a full package of investment and trading products.
  • Offers best trading platforms such as TradeTiger, ShareKhan App.
  • If you want to learn more about online trading, then you are in the right place. Sharekhan offers many training courses for investors and traders. They had collaborated with Online Trading Academy (OTA).
  • One of the Most powerful trading terminal you will get here, i.e., Trade Tiger.
  • LAS and Margin Funding facilities are available for users


  • It offersPortfolio Management Schemessuch asPMS Pro Prime that mainly focus onlong term investors and steady returns.
  • Paperless Mutual Fund services: Paperless Mutual Fund services: You can open a paperless mutual fund account called the INSTA MF account. Many portfolio tools are also developed for mutual funds.
  • It offers financial advice based on extensive research—this service you can avail of on the website or by telephonic discussion.
  • Dial-N-Trade is a free service of share khan that helps you to place an order for currency equity and so on.
  • NRI Services are offered to their NRI customers through online mode. Additionally, the NRI customer care service desk is also established.

Fees and charges

Brokerage charges:

  • Intraday trades: 0.1%
  • Equity Delivery: 0.125% (Both sides)
  • Equity Intraday: 0.025% (sell side)
  • Derivatives (Futures): 0.017% (sell side)
  • Derivatives (Options): 0.017%

GST : 18% on Brokerage + Transaction Charges.

  • Turnover Tax 0.00335% for Cash Segment

Account Opening Charges

  • Trading Account Opening Charges: Free
  • Trading Account AMC: Free
  • Demat Account Opening Charges: Free
  • Demat Account AMC: Rs 400 per year (Waived for 1st year)

Sharekhan Mobile Trading App

Sharekhan app is available on both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Regular up-gradation of the app with new security features
  • With this app, you can work on multitasking mode. This app does not shut down and even keep on running in the background. So this avoids unnecessary time wastage in logging.
  • This app is user friendly as you need to perform a few functions to complete your online trading activities.

Documents required

You have to fill the online application form

  • Identity proof such as Adhaar card or Driving license
  • Residential address proof such as utility bills or Passport
  • Proof of Income: Income tax return copy
  • Bank statement or Cancelled cheque
  • PAN Card
  • 1 to 3 passport size photographs

5. ICICI Direct online trading platform

ICICI Direct is another retail trading that offers its financial trading-based services to traders and investors based in India’s different parts. It offers its financial trading based services to traders and investors based in different parts of India. It provides a complete package of online trading services. It includes Online equity trading, mutual funds, and many more! ICICI Direct online trading platform provides the simplest way for beginners to invest in the stock market.

Key highlights

  • It holds an overall rating of 8.44 out of 10
  • It is one of the most visited investment portals in our country
  • 3-in-1 account: Bank account, Demat account, ICICI trading account

Features and benefits

  • It provides the best trading environment with a 3-in-1 account feature. This means you have a single account for your banking, broking.
  • It is famous asthe direct access trading platform of India. You canmanage your own Demat and bank accounts through the same portal,
  • You can also avail of general Insurance through ICICI Lombard.
  • It performs trading in both BSE and NSE.
  • ICICI Direct uses advanced technology to deliver the best possible services to its traders and investors


  • Delivery Trading: 0.55%
  • Intraday Trading: 0.03% – 0.0,5%
  • Futures Trading: 0.03% – 0.05%
  • Currency Futures Trading 0.03% – 0.05%
  • Currency Options Trading Rs.10 – Rs.35 per Lot
  • Minimum Brokerage: Rs.35 per Trade
  • Demat AMC Charges: Rs.500 per Annum
  • Trading AMC Charge: Rs.975 per Annum
  • Margin Money: Min Rs.20,000

Other Charges

  • Transaction Charges: 0.00280% of Total Turnover
  • STT: 0.0126% of Total Turnover
  • SEBI Turnover Charges: 0.0002% of Total Turnover
  • Stamp Duty: Depends on State (very minimal)
  • GST 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

Online trading platforms:

1. ICICI Direct Web Trading Platform

  • HTML based browser that is compatible with different devices
  • The cash trading feature can be used by the user to make delivery of shares or money
  • You can use some special web-based features such as trend scanner and live scanner that further reduces the online trading complications

2. ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App

  • Android-based mobile trading platform
  • ICICI Direct App allows the user traders to start Equity-based trading
  • This app aids the user to keep a real-time record of their portfolios
  • You can keep a track record of all your stock market tradings by using this app
  • This app is available for both I phone and android phones

Documents required

  • Identity proof such as Adhaar card or Driving license
  • Residential address proof such as utility bills or Passport
  • Proof of Income: Income tax return copy
  • Bank statement or Cancelled cheque
  • PAN Card
  • 1 to 3 passport size photographs

What are the Benefits of Online Trading Platforms?

You will encounter many benefits once you start using the online mode of the trading platform.

  • Physical presence is absolute: You are not required to be present physically at the auction. You can trade everywhere from anywhere.
  • Self Online trading: You can do every task related to online trading at your home. The online trading platform has made everything so simple. You can perform buying and selling of shares within a fraction of a second.
  • The concept of online trading is as simple as any other business work. All you need to do is to devote some time to learn about basic financial services.
  • These online platforms are quite safe, and chances of any fraud are minimalistic. These platforms follow strict guidelines to maintain user's account security.
  • Moreover, if you want to check your previous activities, just click on the history tab. Everything is so simple and accessible.
  • These trading platforms provide a personalized experience to every user. As soon as you open the application, you will be flooded with information based on your recent activities.
  • The trading platforms are user-friendly and least complicated.
  • These portals are highly integrated. Icons and short-cut keys are available that makes some complicated function very easy.
  • These online platforms have low bandwidth. This means their speed to execute the results is high.


Q: Which account will open first? Demat or trading account?

A: To start online trading, first of all, you should have a Demat account. Demat account is the pre-requisite for trading.

Q: Which online trading platform is best for intraday trading?

A: Kotak insecurities are the best trading platform for intraday in this country.

Q: Does Zerodha online trading platform have any monthly unlimited trading plan?

A: No, it does not have any fixed brokerage plan for its customers.

Q: What is the Demat account opening fee for Zerodha?

A: You have to pay Rs 100 to open a Demat account.

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Best Online Trading Platform In India - Invested (9)

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Now, let's dive into the concepts used in the article:

  1. Online Trading Platforms:

    • Definition: Online trading platforms are software applications provided by brokerage firms that enable investors and traders to execute trades in financial markets through the internet.
    • Importance: These platforms provide a convenient and efficient way for users to buy and sell financial instruments, such as stocks, commodities, or currencies, from the comfort of their homes.
  2. Selection Criteria:

    • Charges: Refers to the fees and costs associated with using the online trading platform, including brokerage fees, transaction charges, and account maintenance fees.
    • Ratings: Indicates the overall assessment or ranking of a trading platform, often based on user reviews, features, and reliability.
    • Trading Terminal: The software interface through which users interact with the trading platform to execute trades and access market information.
  3. Best Online Trading Platforms in India:

    • Zerodha: A discount broking service known for its technological innovation, low fees, and a significant share of the retail trading volume in India.
    • Angel Broking: A full-service broker with a highly rated mobile trading platform, offering features like ARQ, expert opinions, and lifetime free Demat accounts.
    • Kotak Securities: A full-service brokerage firm recognized for its intraday trading capabilities, 25 years of experience, and the introduction of a Free Intraday Plan.
    • Sharekhan: A leading retail brokerage with the powerful Trade Tiger trading terminal, a diverse range of investment products, and free intraday trading plans.
    • ICICI Direct: A retail trading platform offering a 3-in-1 account, combining banking, broking, and Demat services, along with a user-friendly web trading platform.
  4. Benefits of Online Trading Platforms:

    • Physical Presence: Users can trade from anywhere without the need for a physical presence at an auction or trading floor.
    • Self Online Trading: Investors can independently manage their trading activities, buying and selling shares conveniently from home.
    • Security: Online trading platforms follow strict security measures to protect user accounts, making them a safe option for trading.
    • Personalized Experience: Platforms offer a tailored experience, presenting relevant information based on users' activities and preferences.
  5. FAQs:

    • Opening Accounts: Explains the sequence of opening a Demat account before a trading account to initiate online trading.
    • Best Platform for Intraday Trading: Recommends Kotak Securities as the best platform for intraday trading in India.
    • Zerodha's Plans: Clarifies that Zerodha does not have a fixed monthly unlimited trading plan.
    • Zerodha's Demat Opening Fee: States that Zerodha charges Rs 100 for opening a Demat account.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the best online trading platforms in India, their features, benefits, and the factors to consider when selecting a platform for trading activities.

Best Online Trading Platform In India - Invested (2024)


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