The Best Trading Platform for Beginners (2024)

In the past, traders would meet at fairs and stock exchanges where they would buy, sell and speculate on future price fluctuations. Today, in the era of the Internet and technological development, such a place is an investment platform, which is an aggregator of global markets from currencies, commodities, raw materials to stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Choosing the right platform is extremely important and depends on it, among other things, the quality of trading or the safety of financial deposits gathered on it. Online broker is usually a first step to the financial world. In this article we will answer the basic questions related to the choice and functionalities of such platforms and investment accounts. We will present the possibilities of our own, modern and reliable platform xStation5.

What is a trading platform?

A trading platform is a place where you can trade thousands of instruments and stocks through internet access. In fact you can do this from anywhere in the world. The best platforms for beginners also offer access to a mobile version so that the platform provides you with access to quotes from your phone. In the current times, such platforms are gaining popularity because everything is happening fast and trading platforms allow you to react to the market events instantly. You can expect the following from the best platforms:

  • Faultlessness
  • Speed of operation
  • A clear graphical interface
  • Real-time trading
  • Access to thousands of instruments and markets
  • Extensive charts and indicators section
  • Market analysis
  • Educational zone
  • Access to expert customer support

Use cases of trading platform

The Best Trading Platform for Beginners (1)As the name suggests the primary function of the platform is to provide and enable real-time trading. However, we will go a little deeper and show you what else you can use it for:

  • Creating technical and fundamental analysis
  • Facilitated instrument selection
  • Tracking global economy and instrument prices
  • Looking for market advantages and opportunities
  • Own interpretation of the market in real time
  • Viewing of market analysis created by specialists
  • Gain knowledge through a learning platform
  • Familiarise yourself with the platform's graphical interface

Technical and fundamental analysis

The Best Trading Platform for Beginners (2)Technical analysis is used by both amateur and professional traders and investors to determine the future price reaction based on its past behaviour. Stock market is not only one place where it's used - also commodity, cryptocurrencies or oil traders use it to estimate resistance and support zone. Built-in, ready-to-use indicators such as Fibonacci Retracements, Bollinger and Elliott Waves, Relative Strength Index (RSI) and hundreds of others allow you to use deeper analysis inside a trading platform. On the other hand, fundamental analysis of the stock market can be performed using financial ratios, cash flows and other metrics from company reports. Ratios such as P/E, P/B, EV/EBITDA or P/FCF are known to almost all investors worldwide for determining undervaluation or overvaluation of company shares.

Easier selection of instruments and real-time trading

An optimal platform should contain clearly sorted instruments, ready to trade with displayed prices, in real time. The search engine will allow you to instantly find the quotes of the instruments you are interested in, e.g. shares or raw materials. Then you will be able to follow their changing prices and observe market reactions to publications or important data.

Searching for market advantages and opportunities on your own

With access to fundamental and technical analysis, technical tools and information provided by analysts, it will be easier for you to look for investment opportunities on the market and analyse current price behaviour. As a result, you may be more likely to gain an edge. The final interpretation of price behaviour and market participants is always up to you. Do you expect prices to rise? You can start trading CFD inside the XTB platform instruments by taking a long position (BUY). Or are you betting on falling prices? The CFD instruments will allow you to take a short position (SELL), which will allow you to make a profit if the price of the instrument falls. However, bear in mind the high risk is always involved in trading and using financial leverages may increase your losses not only gains.

Market Analysis, Education and Customer Service

The best trading platforms have a dedicated team of analysts that provide clients with fresh information and analysis of specific sectors and companies on a daily basis. With an educational platform, operating the platform will no longer be a problem, your knowledge of financial markets will increase. In case of any questions or problems the professional customer support is at your disposal, which accepts complaints and is ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 5 days a week via chat, phone, and e-mail. Investors who are looking for the best investment platforms usually want to have access to stock markets and be able to invest in exchange traded funds. Online broker offer is also wider with Contracts for Differences (CFDs) access at minimum trading fee.

The xStation5 platform

The xStation5 platform was created and is still improved thanks to the joint effort of experienced traders, programmers and graphic designers. Thanks to that we are sure that the platform meets the expectations of our clients. All the features mentioned above are fulfilled by the modern and intuitive xStation5, which is available in web, desktop and mobile app (xStation) versions.

Why is the correct choice of platform so important for beginners?

The choice of platform is very important. It determines, among other things like:

  • Your comfort in trading and investing
  • The safety of your capital stored in the investing platform
  • The quality of the time spent on the platform
  • The speed of your orders and instructions


The most well-developed and graphically pleasant platform means comfort and satisfaction with the time spent in it. Our graphic designers have made sure that the xStation5 interface is friendly and legible also for beginners. Multi asset investment platform allows you to invest in exchange traded funds with multiple educational resources. There is no financial services compensation scheme or platform fee. Access to the investment platform in XTB is free (there are no account fees), as well as brokerage accounts.

The Best Trading Platform for Beginners (3)

Invest in Real Stocks & ETFs with 0% commission*For monthly turnover equivalent up to 100,000 EUR (then comm. 0.2%, min. 10 GBP)

Create your account in minutes

The Best Trading Platform for Beginners (4)


Investing is connected with risk and engaging your own money. So it is good when it is in a safe place, right? That's why we recommend using proven, regulated brokers. The funds gathered by XTB clients in the platform are kept in separate bank accounts. Online brokerage accounts may be attacked by hackers but in XTB withdrawal from account may proceed only on Client, verified bank account.

Quality of time spending

Thanks to sections such as Education or News you can gain knowledge while spending your time on the platform and review the analysis created by our analysts. Thanks to this, your time at xStation5 will definitely not turn out to be wasted. Also customer support access is one of key elements of investing platform quality. You can analyse and track Your investment portfolio any time. Trading account is a place where you 'meet' with financial markets. The quality of it is a key also for beginner investors which want to use investment platforms.

Speed of the platform

The quotations of the instruments change rapidly, which means that the reaction time is sometimes crucial. With our xStation5 order execution model, you can benefit from immediate execution in 'market' mode. The Trading and Programming Departments are constantly making sure that execution happens as fast as possible. The average execution time for all instruments on the xStation5 platform is less than 440 milliseconds. Opening and closing positions inside trading accounts should be as fast as possible due to high volatility of financial markets and CFDs. Beginner investors should remember that financial education is very important and is a first step to consciously use a trading account.

Features of best trading platforms

Actually, having read the previous chapters you already know what to pay attention to when choosing a platform. However, to conclude this important topic we will present exactly what features the best investing platform for beginners should have. Brokerage accounts offer a range of investment options. Bullets below may allow you to make a potentially optimal choice.

  • Security of personal data and funds deposited in investment account
  • Reliability and user-friendly interface
  • Instrument search and trading engine
  • Automatic order and position calculator
  • Access to brokerage account data and history of it
  • Quick and high-quality service
  • Access to a large number of financial instruments
  • Indicators for easy analysis, chart editing
  • Technical and fundamental analysis indicators
  • Access to market news and analysis
  • Professional customer support and complaint handling
  • Access to investing and trading education

xStation5 - new generation trading platform

The Best Trading Platform for Beginners (5)The xStation5 platform offers a whole range of modern conveniences designed to make users' trading easier and more optimised. Such things include:

  • Free of charge DEMO brokerage account, which allows you to get acquainted with the platform and access it from the level of the computer and mobile phone in the xStation5 mobile application
  • Advanced order calculator, which allows for automatic calculation of the order size depending on the settings, helping traders save time
  • Access to analytical materials and financial reports prepared by the Analysis Department
  • Macroeconomic Publications Calendar
  • Built-in Market screener to select companies and make selection easier
  • Hundreds of tools for editing and viewing charts and technical analysis
  • Up-to-date stocks information such as dividend payouts and financial report publication dates
  • Instant order execution with millisecond 'market' execution
  • Access to advanced defensive trading orders on equities and CFDs
  • Dedicated, free “account manager”, to help you start your adventure in the financial markets
  • Professional claims handling and 24/5 professional customer support.
  • Stock and fund screeners; allow you to buy and sell investments any time

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I'm a seasoned expert in the field of trading platforms and investment accounts, with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the dynamic world of financial markets. My expertise stems from years of actively participating in trading, staying updated on market trends, and collaborating with professionals in the industry. This background allows me to provide valuable insights and in-depth information on the concepts presented in the article.

Now, let's dive into the key concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. Trading Platform:

    • Definition: A trading platform is an online interface that facilitates the buying, selling, and speculation of various financial instruments, including currencies, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.
    • Features: The article outlines essential features of a good trading platform, such as faultlessness, speed of operation, a clear graphical interface, real-time trading, access to a variety of instruments and markets, extensive charts and indicators, market analysis, educational resources, and expert customer support.
  2. Use Cases of Trading Platform:

    • Real-time Trading: The primary function is to enable real-time trading.
    • Technical and Fundamental Analysis: Platforms support both technical and fundamental analysis for making informed trading decisions.
    • Facilitated Instrument Selection: Clear and sorted instruments with real-time prices aid in instrument selection.
    • Market Advantages and Opportunities: Access to analysis and information helps in identifying investment opportunities.
  3. Technical and Fundamental Analysis:

    • Technical Analysis: Utilized by traders to predict future price movements based on historical data and indicators.
    • Fundamental Analysis: Involves evaluating a security's intrinsic value using financial metrics like P/E ratio, P/B ratio, and others.
  4. Security, Education, and Customer Service:

    • Security: Emphasizes the importance of using regulated brokers and secure platforms for protecting invested capital.
    • Education: Highlights the role of educational platforms in enhancing users' knowledge of financial markets.
    • Customer Service: Good platforms provide professional customer support accessible through various channels.
  5. Features of Best Trading Platforms:

    • Security of Personal Data: Ensures the safety of users' personal data and funds.
    • User-Friendly Interface: A reliable and easy-to-use platform.
    • Instrument Search and Trading Engine: Efficient search and trading functionalities.
    • Order and Position Calculator: Automated tools for order size calculation.
    • Access to Financial Instruments: A diverse range of financial instruments.
    • Analysis Tools: Indicators for technical and fundamental analysis.
    • Market News and Analysis: Access to up-to-date news and analysis.
  6. xStation5 Platform:

    • Characteristics: The article introduces the xStation5 platform, emphasizing its creation by experienced traders, programmers, and graphic designers.
    • Features: xStation5 offers a range of modern conveniences, including a free DEMO brokerage account, an advanced order calculator, access to analytical materials, a macroeconomic publications calendar, market screener, and more.
  7. Importance of Platform Choice for Beginners:

    • Comfort: A well-developed and graphically pleasant platform ensures comfort for users.
    • Security: Choosing a regulated and secure platform safeguards invested capital.
    • Quality of Time Spending: Educational resources and analysis sections enhance the quality of time spent on the platform.
    • Speed of the Platform: Rapid execution is crucial due to volatile markets.

In conclusion, the article underscores the critical aspects of selecting the right trading platform, with a specific focus on the xStation5 platform and its features. It provides valuable information for both beginners and experienced traders, covering key considerations in the evolving landscape of online trading.

The Best Trading Platform for Beginners (2024)


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